Saturday, 18 May 2013

Free Marian Price Rally, Glasgow 18/05/13

The Volunteer Charles Carrigan Cumann (32csm Scotland) attended along side a big crowd of concerned republicans, human rights activists and members of the public a march in Glasgow to highlight the over 2 year internment of Irish women Marian Price.
This is the latest instalment of activism seen in Scotland for Marian and her case of extreme unjust, the march to highlight Marian's situation comes after the previous 2 years worth of protests and pickets at various prominent locations around the city of Glasgow.

All of the bands/groups and participants must be congratulated, the atrocious weather conditions in the city did little to falter the spirited and well wishing participants.

The parade had one main goal, to raise the awareness of Marian Price, an Irish women who is in prison at the hands of a pro British establishment because of who she is, not what she has done - but for who she is.
Politically motivated policing is current throughout the 32counties of Ireland, examples can be read about on a weekly basis, but harassment is one thing. Disruption to daily life is one thing - internment, and let's be honest - Marian is interned! Is another.

It is an abuse of due process and a form of mental and physical torture, a abuse of human rights!!
The volunteer Charles Carrigan cumann will continue to highlight Marian's plight until they day she is released unconditionally.

We hope to see the crowd today doing the same, be it writing a letter, attending further pickets, protests, marches or bringing her situation into your daily lives or social remit. The more people who can see the treatment bestowed upon her,
can see the abuse of power, along side the mental and physical abuse the better chance she has.
Solidarity and gratitude to the people taking the time and making the effort for Marian.
Make your voices heard, play your part until Marian is free.

Volunteer Charles Carrigan Cumann
32csm Scotland

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